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Jun 27, 2019
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Phil Planta's last film was at the Tribecca Film Festival. Has asked for our help casting. Second-year Acting students only.
Please send to headshot, demo, and resume to [email protected] ASAP.

Tsunami Falls is a short about Thomas (40) who wakes up to discover that his is about to die in a couple of minutes from a Tsunami. Unable to escape, we look into his final thoughts to come to terms with his inevitable death.
All roles will be performed without dialogue, overlaid with an original score. A series of vignettes will tell the story of Thomas’ rise and fall, ending with him projecting what he wishes his life could have been before his eventual death.
[THOMAS] 25-30 year old Male. Has lived his life with regrets. Actor will have an age range from early 20s to 60s. Thomas was a professional athlete, that had everything going for. After suffers a crippling injury, he gives up on life, only to regret his decisions on his final moments.
[YOUNG THOMAS] 7-8 years old. Young Thomas is excited to get his first bike. Able to ride a bike down the street required.
[TEEN THOMAS] 13-14 years old. His is excited when he meets a girl at camp and get his first kiss. Later he is devastated when he finds her with another man.
[THOMAS’ FATHER] 30s. The father has been supportive of his son from day one. Through thick and thin he as been at Thomas’ side. The actor will play a range a 30 year range.
[GRACE] 25 year old Female. Open call to all ethnicities. Grace and Thomas fall in love and move in together. After a failed pregnancy, the arguing becoming too much for Grace and she leaves Thomas.
[Nancy] 35-40 year old Female. Open call to all ethnicities. She meets Thomas, fall in love and have a child together.
[TEEN GIRL] 13-14 years old. She is flirtatious to Teen Thomas, yet shy and nervous. When she meets a new boy, she is shows a small amount of embarrassment when Thomas see’s them.
British Columbia
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1 - 3 Years
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